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IR Data

For a selection of datasets in International Relations, consult Paul Hensel's page at

This is a great primer on a small but important portion of available datasets in International Relations.

The Correlates of War program ( is also a great resource for data on international conflict, alliances, territorial changes, intrastate conflict, and a variety of other data of interest to students and scholars.

Replication files for LaTeX

Below is a .tex file for building my CV.  LaTeX is a text compiling software that builds professional looking papers, resumes, letters, etc.  I am happy to consult with students interested in building their own text documents or in learning the platform.  Note that the code opens in Microsoft Word so that you can view the code.  It must then be copied into a .tex compiler.

Stata Code for Students

Stata is a computer software package that allows for the manipulation of large quantitative datasets for the study of a variety of topics.  It has the advantage of being "point and click" or using code to manipulate, manage, and analyze data.  It is a great resource for students to learn how to analyze data of interest to them.

Note that the files below open in Microsoft Word.  This code can then be used in Stata to analyze the American National Election Study (ANES) 2012 time series dataset.  The ANES dataset is a great dataset of American public opinion that is administered during every presidential election and most midterm elections in the US.  

The data for the 2012 time series dataset can be found at  

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